Avitech Nutrition along with its group company Indovax co-hosted a 3 day technical symposium for the poultry consultants from Nepal at Gurugram from 18th April 2019 to 20th April 2019. 12 eminent poultry consultants from Nepal took part in the symposium held under the aegis of Avitech’s “Know-edge” technical symposium series. Renowned international and national guest speakers took sessions on seminal poultry industry topics at the symposium.

The external speakers who were invited included Dr. Ramasubba Reddy, Dr. U C Patel and Dr. Jose Oroz. Also included amongst the speakers were in-house scientists – Dr. L M Belwal and Dr. S C Gupta.

The topics covered were (i) Battle against Bursal diseases (ii) Low pathogenic Avian influenza (iii) Overcoming the challenges of antibiotics free production programme (iv) Changes in nutritional requirement of TM, Vitamins, Enzymes, Amino acids necessitated due to genetic improvements in breeder (v) Male and Female breeder management – enhancing libido, hatchability and grower bird management.

The participants were much enthused by the symposium organized by Avitech Nutrition and Indovax and hoped to use their learnings onto various challenges facing the growing poultry market in Nepal