Nutrition solutions for different species

Avitech manufactures and markets a wide range of animal nutrition products

Avitech caters to the Aqua, Dairy, Equine, Poultry and Swine markets. Avitech’s manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and GMP certified by DNV-GL. Avitech’s inhouse Analytical Laboratory is ISO 17025 certified, offering comprehensive testing facilities.

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Premixes and feed additives to support aquaculture health and productivity

Avitech offers a wide spectrum of nutritional supplements and premixes to the aqua industry. Avitech’s expertise in aqua nutrition is reflected in its products that support the health of fish and shrimp.

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Dairy Cattle Supplements


A wide range of premix and nutritional additives for dairy animals

Modern dairy farming requires precise nutrition. Avitech provides advanced and complete nutrition solutions leading to improved dairy animal health and productivity.

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Avitech’s equine supplements provide optimum nutrition for horses

Nutrition is a vital input that ensures the health of horses. Avitech’s nutritional supplements help horses remain in good shape.

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Cutting-edge additives/supplements and premixes that enable poultry to perform to genetic potential

Avitech specializes in poultry nutrition. With decades of experience, Avitech’s poultry nutritional supplements ensure performance.

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Premixes and additives enabling improved swine performance

Avitech provides high quality premixes and nutritional supplements for the swine sector enabling feed efficiency and health

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Products by Category

Optimum nutrition plays an important role in improving the overall health and performance of animals. Avitech’s unique and technologically advanced solutions cover a wide spectrum of solutions enabling efficiency, performance and health.

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Centre for Nutrition Science

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Avitech’s R&D focuses on product research, process development and testing to offer the industry cutting-edge solutions enabling efficiency and performance.

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Avitech’s analytical division provides a wide range of testing and analytical services. The division follows stringent international norms offering the industry highest standards of analysis and testing.

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Technical Library

Avitech’s knowledge centre is a repository of research and information on nutrition. Avitech periodically publishes bulletins to increase knowledge within the industry.

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Latest Updates

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