Avitech seeks to challenge the nutrition paradigm by constantly evolving solutions derived from science and technology.


Avitech Nutrition understands the evolving requirements and challenges faced by the animal feed industry and provides solutions backed by research and experience in the field. Apart from being a leading producer of premixes, Avitech is a provider of cutting-edge technologies in the feed additives sector. Avitech employs a large pool of scientists and has grown to become a respected and recognized corporate in the animal nutrition sector with increasing presence in different parts of the world.

Commencing operations in 1996 as a division of Indovax Pvt. Ltd., into a leading corporate today, Avitech’s journey has been characterised by innovation and customer centricity. A premix manufacturing facility and lab were established in 2002 with the objective of providing quality premixes to the Indian feed sector.

Core Competencies

Avitech’s core competence is its experience in the animal nutrition industry and knowledge in the area of premixes and feed additives. This provides Avitech with an in-depth view of market characteristics and enables the company to predict future trends. A highly motivated and committed team of scientists provides Avitech the ability to continuously innovate and stay at the forefront of the animal nutrition sector. Avitech’s in-house certified manufacturing facilities enable it to maintain stringent control on the quality of its products.

Our Vision

Avitech strives for leadership in knowledge enabled nutrition. Avitech’s aim is to be at the forefront in the study, research and adoption of technologies that improve feed efficiency and food safety. This vision is encapsulated in Avitech’s mantra – “Know-edge Nutrition”.

Our Values


Customer Centricity

Whatever we do, customer centricity is at the core of our business. To create a community of satisfied clients and to delight customers with our products, services and behaviour is the aim of Avitech’s business


Respect & Dignity

We are committed to treating each other and our business partners and associates with respect and dignity


Learning & Integrity

Our attitude at work reflects a posture of learning and integrity that makes it possible for the organisation to grow and succeed. It encourages opinions and ideas and recognises that good ideas flow from all levels in the organisation


Growing Together

We are committed to sharing our success with all those who have contributed to the organisation’s growth


Responsible Corporate

We are a responsible corporate, sensitive and aware of our obligations to the society and the environment