Science lies at the heart of all activities at Avitech and the Centre for Nutrition Science represents the science at Avitech. Research and Development, Laboratory Testing and the Knowledge Centre, which is its Technical Library, are the three essential elements that comprise Avitech Centre for Nutrition Science.

Research and Development

Avitech follows best practices for Research and Development in animal nutrition. Avitech’s Research and Development facility established in 2000, today comprises a large team of scientists working towards innovative solutions for the animal nutrition sector.

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Avitech’s state of the art analytical laboratory was established in the year 2002 as a support to its premix manufacturing facility and has since evolved into one of India’s leading animal nutrition analytical laboratories. It provides high quality analytical services. A wide variety of testing and analytical options are available, which are based upon stringent international norms and prescribed processes. Various tests are developed and specifically tailored to the needs of the animal nutrition sector.

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Technical Library

Avitech’s Technical Library is a repository of information possessed by the company that enables it to research and develop new solutions for the industry. Avitech also uses the knowledge centre to derive information for its various bulletins and for information dissemination.

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