Avitech Nutrition conducted an international seminar for leading feed millers and poultry consultants from Nepal at Bangkok in Thailand on 16th November 2019. Held under the aegis of Avitech’s “Know-edge Technical Seminar”, the theme was “Solutions for better, safer and cost effective feed.” The program was held at Hotel Rembrandt in Bangkok and was attended by 23 delegates from Nepal.

The topics chosen were on contemporary subjects like (i) Natural solutions for reducing ammonia (ii) Importance of gut health and its management (iii) Inorganic trace minerals- a low cost, high impact essential input and (iv) Emulsifier as a tool for economizing the feed.

While the program was mainly conducted by Avitech’s Product Management Team comprising Dr. Avinash Srivastava and Mr. Vikas Gour, the external guest speaker invited was Dr. Jose Oroz from Novation, Spain.

The participants were greatly enthused by the seminar organized by Avitech and hoped to use the learnings onto challenges facing the growing poultry market in Nepal.