Organic Trace Mineral Premix

Glycinates, the new generation organic trace minerals, are very stable, highly available and electrically uncharged trace element compounds. Glycinates form the building blocks of Performins and various formulations of Performins are available as Performins – Broiler, Performins – Layer, Performins – Breeder and Performins – Dairy CMZ.

Separate formulations for broiler, layer and breeder ensure precise mineral supplementation as recommended by NRC and breed manuals.

  • pack shot

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  • Powder

Features / Benefits

  • A distinct 4S advantage
    • Size: small size (molecular weight <300 daltons) leads to higher absorption and higher metal bioavailability
    • Solubility: readily soluble Performins are distributed homogenously in the intestine
    • Specificity: knowing the exact molecular structure (metal-glycine complex) leads to consistent production batch after batch
    • Stability: strong and stable covalent bonds guarantee its stability at variable ph
  • Unique monomer-crystalline-polymer structure gives high stability to the metal-ligand complex
  • Highly bioavailable
  • Offers stability to premix when mixed with vitamins (or ensure stability to vitamins when added with vitamins in feed)
  • Environment friendly as wastage of minerals through excreta is minimal


  • Broiler: 0.5 kg/MT of feed
  • Layer: 1 kg/MT of feed
  • Breeder: 1 kg/MT of feed
  • Dairy CMZ:

    Commercial Dairy Feed: 250 – 500 gm/MT

    Farm Level administration:  7 – 10 gm/ head/day 

Packaging and Presentation

  • 25 kg HDPE bag
  • Corrugated box – 500 gm bag x 30

Shelf Life

  • 2 years from the date of manufacture


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