The leadership team at Avitech is charged with the responsibility of building an enterprise that

  • Delivers value to the industry
  • Creates happy, harmonious communities
  • Is driven by ethics and the highest professional standards
  • Puts the organisation before self, recognising that responsibility dominates authority
  • Aspires to build a better world and environment

Arjun Vohra

Chief Executive Officer

Arjun Vohra joined Avitech in 2021 and provides strategic impetus and direction to the company in its drive to become a global entity in the animal feed additive and premix sectors.

Rahul Kapur

Managing Director and Chairman

A management postgraduate, Rahul Kapur provides leadership to the organisation steering it towards success through a fast evolving environment.

Mahadev V Koushik

President (Sales)

Mahadev V Koushik joined Avitech in 1998 and provides leadership to the sales activities of the company. He manages a multi location, multi national team as Avitech moves towards improved market share.