Group Companies

Avitech is a part of Keggfarms Group. The Keggfarms group is a diversified group with interests in the fields of Vaccine production, SPF egg production, Poultry genetics, Food, Biotechnology and Animal Nutrition. Keggfarms, founded in 1967 by Mr. Vinod S. Kapur is headquartered in Gurugram (NCR, Delhi). The group has offices and facilities that span India. Based on timeless and enduring values of customer centricity, integrity and equity, the Keggfarms group manifests a group committed to quality and excellence.


Keggfarms, established in 1967, is best known for pioneering genetic breeding of poultry stocks in India. Keggfarms is recognized by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, as a Research and Development centre for Poultry Breeding since the mid- 70s. Since 1990, the company is dedicated to the development of poultry stocks by the brand name ‘Kuroiler’. The Kuroiler breed developed by Keggfarms is ideally suited to village production and small to medium scale commercial production.

Breeding of poultry is today dominated by companies based in US/Europe. Stocks derived from these highly productive breeds require very specific conditions vis-a-vis housing, nutrition, healthcare and management for these birds to express their genetic potential. These specific conditions are not readily available in the developing world. Therefore, stocks derived from such sources are unable to express their genetic potential and often pose a challenge to farmers in developing nations. The Kuroiler breed developed by Keggfarms fills the gap providing farmers with a breed that is hardy, resistant and yet productive.

Keggfarms has also pioneered the marketing of high quality table eggs to consumers in India under the brand Keggs. Keggs is today India’s leading premium egg brand available in metros across the nation.


Incorporated in 1986, Indovax is a leading manufacturer of biologics in India. The company is in the forefront of development, manufacturing and marketing of poultry vaccines.

This effort is led by a team of qualified scientists drawn from diverse disciplines that include virology, microbiology, immunology, biotechnology, pathology and epidemiology. The facilities are located at Hisar – 200 Kms from New Delhi. The ideology behind Indovax is guided by the belief that the viral and bacterial pathogens that threaten poultry production in agro-climatic zones as India, are unique and require specific solutions that are best evolved in the region itself. This ideology has led to the development of several vaccines which offer poultry farmers in the developing world effective protection against disease.

The large fourteen-acre bio-secure campus includes independent production facilities, quality control laboratories, animal testing facilities and a Science & Technology centre.

Immunetic Lifesciences

Immunetic Lifesciences is a biotechnology company to produce SPF embryonated eggs. Immunetic Lifesciences is located in Una, in the Himalayan foothills, close to Delhi. Immunetic Lifesciences represents one of the world’s most advanced facilities offering SPF eggs including CAV free SPF eggs, to research organisations and veterinary and human vaccine producers globally.