Avilact – Pro

Rumen Alkaliser

Avilact – Pro is a potent rumen alkaliser which neutralizes acids in the rumen. Avilact – Pro offers sustained and long-lasting buffering action and maintains pH at desirable levels in the rumen.

In a study conducted at the ACNS Avilact-Pro, as compared to Sodium bicarbonate, exhibited 5X longer lasting buffering at low pH.


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Avilact-Pro is a combination of carefully selected Sodium salt of carbonic acid, Oxide of magnesium and specialised alkalizing agents, in a defined ratio


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Features / Benefits

Ensures sustained and long-lasting buffering action

  • More effective than Sodium bicarbonate
  • Prevents SARA
  • Efficacious in low pH conditions


  • Farm level: 25 – 50 gm/animal/day throughout the production cycle of the animal
  • Feed mill level: @3 to 5 kg/ MT of cattle feed


  • Dairy

Packaging and Presentation

  • 25 kg HDPE bag
  • Corrugated Box – 1 kg bag x 20

Mechanism of Action

Avilact – Pro’s action mechanism involves the interplay of three different kinds of alkalizing salts:

 i. Sodium Salt of Carbonic Acid

Dietary sodium bicarbonate acts as a buffer much like endogenous sodium bicarbonate found in saliva. Sodium bicarbonate, with a pKa value of 6.25 functions in an optimal pH range of 6.2 to 6.5.

Sodium bicarbonate acts in two ways.

  • As a source of sodium to meet sodium requirements and helps provide a positive dietary cation-anion balance for lactating animals.
  • Rapid dissolution of Sodium bicarbonate in rumen liquor provides immediate relief from acidosis.

 ii. Oxide of Magnesium

Magnesium oxide is a slow-releasing alkalizing agent. Slow solubility in water enables long lasting activity against sub-acute acidosis. Oxide of Magnesium functions synergistically with Sodium bicarbonate in sub-acute and acute ruminal acidosis.

iii. Specialised Alkalizing Agents

Avilact-Pro contains specialised alkalizing agents which possess a powerful buffering capacity due to their high potential to neutralize acids when the pH goes down to between 4.5 and 5.0 thereby effectively addressing acute acidosis.

Shelf Life

  • 2 years from the date of manufacture


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