Ammonia Binder

Biopowder is used to control ammonia in sheds, which can be detrimental to the performance of flocks. Biopowder is a 100% natural and organic product sourced from Agroindustrias El Alamo, the only manufacturer of Yucca Schidigera extract that harvests the plant from its own ranches and associate farms.


Contains Yucca Schidigera extract having two active components namely Saponins and Glycocomponents

  • pack shot

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  • Powder

Features / Benefits

  • Has the lowest B50 Value of any commercially available Yucca extract
  • Reduces ammonia level at the farm by reducing its production and binding with the ammonia produced
  • Reduces offensive odour generated by manure
  • Reduces the level of ammonia in the digestive tract and metabolic processes of animals, and improves digestion of nutrients
  • Improves air quality in the facility, creating a healthier environment
  • Reduces diseases of the respiratory system
  • Improves the overall performance efficiency


  • 75 – 120 gm/MT of complete feed


  • Poultry

Packaging and Presentation

  • 25 kg corrugated box

Shelf Life

  • 4 years from the date of manufacture


Agroin, Baja Agro International, Mexico