Gut Health Optimizer

Aquaviance is a gut health optimizer to enhance performance in shrimp and fish.

Registered with Coastal Aquaculture Authority (CAA), India.


  • pack shot

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  • Powder

Features / Benefits

  • Stimulates digestive functions
  • Contributes to a good balance of intestinal flora
  • Enhances shrimp and fish performance by improving body weight gain and lowering FCR
  • Decreases mortality in shrimp and fish
  • Effective against a wide range of pathogens in aquaculture
  • Useful for antibiotic free production in aquaculture as a growth promoter


  • For growth promotion: 2 gm/kg of feed
  • Pathological challenges: 5 gm/kg of feed. In severe conditions, the dose may go up to 10gm/kg of feed or as suggested by the technical advisor
  • Mix the required quantity into feed by using any binding agent and let the feed dry for some time before feeding


  • Aqua

Packaging and Presentation

  • Corrugated Box – 500 gm jar x 12
  • 25 kg HDPE bag

Shelf Life

  • 15 months from the date of manufacture


Techna, France

CAA Registration Number

  • CAA/APR19/FA/03424